What Customers Are Saying

“Annette and the Authors Assistant Agency have saved me so much time by handling many of the hundreds of details involved in being an author. I can focus more time on doing work that makes me an income (like writing!) and trust Annette to handle things such as organizing my schedule, planning blog tours, promo, updating my website, and more. She also manages the Shoshanna Street Team and does a fantastic job. I highly recommend her. Annette’s worth every penny and more” —  New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Shoshanna Evers, www.ShoshannaEvers.com


“Author’s Assistant was a godsend, helping me out with that monumental and never-easy task: promotion. AA really made part of the process effortless and, surprisingly, a pleasure. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.”

–Rick R. Reed, award-winning author of CHASER and CAREGIVER

“I can’t begin to say how happy I am with the blog tour Author’s Assistant Agency arranged for me. Stops were booked within a couple of days, and Annette handled everything but answering the questions and writing the guest blogs. Happy-Birthday-Balloons-Free

The sales of For Men Like Us have been terrific and I fully attribute that to the exposure provided by AAA. I’m so happy with the service, I’ve engaged them on a monthly basis. 

Thank you so much!! “



“Working with Annette and Author’s Assistant was a great  experience. She organized a blog tour for me and did a marvelous job. She answered my numerous questions and when problems arose,  my fault, she dealt with them without complaint. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Annette to anyone.” – Ethan Stone

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Annette and Author’s Assistant Agency. She took good care of me from my first inquiry to the end of my blog tour. Sales for my debut novel 3 were wonderful, and I credit Annette and the promotion through the blog tour she arranged for some of that. She helped a newbie like me make my name known in a market saturated with other fine authors. I plan on using Annette again for future promotion.” – Jacob Z. Flores

 “I’ve worked with Annette Stone on several author projects. Not only is she a delight to know, but she’s efficient, talented and speedy. I highly recommend Annette to help you with any project big or small. Now get back to writing and turn your projects over to someone who’s very capable!”

Keta Diablo
Romance Author