Hello, and welcome to Author’s Assistant Agency! My name is Annette Stone and I am the owner and a freelance assistant, we are here to make your life easier and help with anything that you may need, whether it is just setting up a calendar, handling your social networks, scheduling blog tours and much more. Every author knows that promotion is one of the main elements to their career.

As an avid reader and book reviewer I have connected with several authors and discovered that they want to have that connection to their readers and make their fans feel as if they know the author.  So, I feel that it is important for an author to communicate with their readers as often as they can through your websites, social media as well as personal appearances. But, if too much time is spent trying to promote your books when do you have time for writing your next great book or spending time with your family?  That is where Author’s Assistant Agency comes in; we are prepared to come to your rescue.

Our Staff

Annette Stone – Owner/Virtual Assistant


Lei Johnson – Virtual Assistant/Graphic Designer/Cover Artist

Also owner of TLR Designs